10 reasons why we saved Stone Ridge Orchard:

1. SRO has been continuously farmed for several hundred years.

2. SRO is one of the last working orchards in the Rondout Valley.

3. SRO is in a critical watershed.

4. SRO has critical habitat.

5. SRO abuts the historic rail trail, providing recreational possibilities.

6. SRO is sustainably managed

7. SRO has been a destination for apple picking for hundreds of years.

8. SRO welcomes thousands of school children every year

9. SRO is a green business that provides local employment

10. SRO is zoned to be developed for 40 more houses.

1. Maintain the farm in an environmentally sustainable way

2. Re-diversify the orchard and incorporate permaculture principles

3. Re-integrate animals into the farm

4. Re-open the trail from the Rail Trail to 209 for walking, biking or horseback riding from the High Falls Food Coop to Marbletown.

5. Plant a European style organic cider orchard at the top of the farm

6. Incorporate extensive bee forage into future plantings

7. Expand our educational activities

8. Protect the farm long-term with an agricultural easement

9. Build a beautiful timber peg pavilion to be used for community celebration, craft and food markets and music!

10. Open a tasting room for hard cider

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